Monday, May 24, 2010

Review - How I Met Your Mother Season 5 Episode 24 Doppelgangers

The fifth season of How I Met Your Mother ended with no new information about the Mother or anything on Ted's side. In fact, Ted was, again, put to the side for an episode to focus on Marshall, Lily, and a bit of Robin. And the new story arc for the next season already puts Ted lower on a totem pole. For a show with "I" in the title, the titular main character seems less and less important as the show goes on.

A few episodes back, Marshall and Lily agreed to have kids once they saw the final doppelganger. Marshall was onboard long before this while Lily was still hesitant. The idea basing decisions based on who she sees is kind of ridiculous and everyone realizes that in the end. Subconsciously, Barney sees the possibility of Robin leaving and wants to supplement the group with a baby, setting off a scheme to trip Marshall and Lily.

On Robin's front, she is offered the lead anchor job in a news station in Chicago, meaning she'll have to move away from the group and Don. She and Don have been getting along great and even are doing a wacky kids show where Robin can inform kids about using things that grow in nature (read: marijuana). Although she is ready to accept, she has to decline. However, Don comes in and tells her he was offered the job and accepted. Of course she makes her run off into Ted's arms and before they can kiss--what Ted calls something that would have been regrettable--Ted's ridiculous blond hair gets in the way.

The episode had funny scenes, emotional scenes, and as whole, worked even if nothing really stuck out.

Score: 8.8/10
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