Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Review - Criminal Minds Season 5 Episode 23 Our Darkest Hour

Tim Curry is really scary. That's pretty much the one high  point of the episode. The episode actually starts off great, following Curry's character around as he terrorized LA in the midst of blackouts, until the story dovetails directly into Detective Matt Spicer's life, becoming an episode focused on an idiot. Somehow, the unsub was targeting Spicer, who is somehow famous for his work, 26 years after killing his parents.

I had to rewatch the final scene to make sure my mind wasn't playing tricks on me. Spicer was really that moronic and as I coined in my Chuck review earlier this week, FlashForward dumb. First, with an injured Morgan lying on the ground, he puts his gun down and then he wants Morgan to promise to keep his daughter safe. You see that creepy rapist guy with the gun. Yeah, he's the bad guy. It was all contrived for the big "to be continued," but the writers should have come up with something better.

Normally, the stylized scenes of the show usual add to the general tone of the episodes, the the way the voices and images came in and out during the final scenes was really bothersome and showed the deep psychological problems of Spicer, which effectively destroyed him as a character. Everything he did in the end could be chalked up to his childhood problems even if he did do something heroic (which he didn't).

Robert Davi was grossly underused and should have gotten his own episode. Maybe we'll see more of him at the beginning of next season.

Score: 8.4/10
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