Friday, May 21, 2010

Review - Party Down Season 2 Episode 5 Steve Guttenberg's Birthday

Party Down is the strongest when the characters are integrated into whatever event they are catering. Last week's episode didn't have much of that which is why it wasn't that good. "Steve Guttenberg's Birthday" was all about the characters with only a few new people. Steve Guttenberg already had a surprise birthday party and forgot about asking Party Down, so he lets everyone invite friends.

Roman's dedication to hard sci-fi in his scripts has always baffled me since hard sci-fi does not translate well in a visual medium, which is why no mainstream movies or television shows could ever be considered hard sci-fi. Explaining real science behind the technology without going into pointless technobabble doesn't work when the audience is looking at the screen waiting for something to happen. We finally got a taste of his script which sounded more like soft sci-fi trying to be hard sci-fi than actual hard sci-fi.

Steve tells Roman and his writing partner to rewrite with more heart and whether it was Henry's great acting or an actual improvement in the script, people actually like it. In the end, Roman is still a terrible writer who writes bad scripts.

Casey realizes that Henry is a great actor that should be succeeding, and when they end up in the hot tub, they start kissing before Henry stops it. Kristen Bell is coming back later in the season and I can only imagine the sparks that will be flying.

Score: 9.3/10
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