Saturday, January 2, 2010

Most anticipated shows of 2010

Here's the shows I'm looking forward to the most. There's way more shows that I like watching, but "most" has to the whittled down to an acceptable number. I know the networks at going to unveil a bunch more shows at the upfronts, so I'll make a list for those shows later.

Returning Shows:

24: I can't get enough of the show. I know there's going to be moles, deception, a conspiracy, some stupid actions, but the action and pace never ceases to bore me. Couple that with Kiefer Sutherland's unnerving acting abilities and I'm hooked.

Chuck: Comedy, action, and drama all mixed into one glorious hour of television. Please watch.

Lost: I have no clue how I forgot Lost , but I realized I had left it off the list. The final season of one of the wildest shows created is surely something I look forward to.

Damages: In my opinion, Damages has the best overall cast with incredible acting by Glenn Close and Rose Byrne. And then there's the magnificent way of storytelling over a season. Viewers for the show have been dropping like flies, so please watch it also.

Mad Men: After the huge developments in the season finale, how could you not look forward to the new season?

Breaking Bad: Walt made huge changes during season 2 becoming a ruthless drug lord, losing his wife in the process. Season 3 can go in so many directions, I can't help but look forward to it.

New Shows:

Caprica: As a BSG fan, I'm obligated to like the show, but I wasn't too excited by the pilot which was released on DVD waaaay too long ago. Nonetheless, it's bound to be good sci-fi with such talented people behind it.

Human Target: The trailers makes it look like an action-fest like Trauma, but if it's better than the horrible Knight Rider remake, I'll give it a shot. The cast of the show is top notch, and for that

Undercovers: I always give J.J. Abrams a chance even though I think he's a hack. For all his numerous shortfalls as a producer, he has created good shows with excellent episodes, so I'm looking forward to whatever craziness he'll come up with next.

Honorable Mentions: Burn Notice, True Blood


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