Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Review - Justified Season 1 Episode 8 Blowback

The procedural elements of Justified usually work well enough, but in "Blowback," when it was boring, the ongoing arcs really picked up the episode.The hostage stuff was fairly standard and went along without any twists. And no one died! The issue is resolved peacefully with a bit of hot chicken which was a fun addition to a rather bland plot. I did enjoy the Deadwood reunion though. W. Earl Brown needs to be on more shows.

The Crowders get creepier and creepier each week, this time with Papa Crowder using pie to describe what he'd do to Ava. Automatic puke-worthy moment. Vasquez has pictures of Raylan and Ava together and is forced to let Boyd out. I know that's not going to endear him to us, but he seemed like a decent guy doing his job.

Winona's husband Gary is into deep business and threats are all part of the game. He doesn't seem to care that some supposedly random guy named Wynn Duffy shows up in his wife to talk about security with his wife. Already the audience hates him and it's bound to get worse once we learn more of what he's doing.

Score: 8.9/10
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