Friday, May 7, 2010

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Thursday 05/06/10

CBS won with Survivor (4.1), CSI (3.1), and The Mentalist (3.3).

ABC was second with Flashforward (1.3), Grey's Anatomy (3.8), and Private Practice (2.8). FlashForward is a goner for sure. Some people are saying that it increases V's chances for renewal, and there's pretty silly logic behind it. ABC makes shows to earn money, not to keep sci-fi shows that underperform. There's no reason why they would actively choose to lose millions and millions of dollars with the intent purpose to keep V around when it has a 0% chance of improvement.

NBC was third with Community (2.0), Parks and Recreation (1.9), The Office (3.5), 30 Rock (2.6), and The Marriage Ref (2.2).

Fox was last with Bones (2.5) and Fringe (2.2). It'll be interesting to see what Fox does next year with its Thursday lineup.
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