Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Monday 05/03/10

Fox was first with House (3.9) and 24 (2.8).

CBS was second with How I Met Your Mother (3.1), Rules of Engagement (2.8), The Big Bang Theory (4.6), a repeat of The Big Bang Theory (3.6), and CSI: Miami (2.7).

ABC was third with Dancing with the Stars (4.1), Romantically Challenged (2.4), and Castle (2.5). As expected Romantically Challenged is quickly dropping and bringing Castle down along with it.

NBC was last with Chuck (1.9), a repeat of Law & Order (1.3), and a new episode of Law & Order (1.7). Really ugly numbers for Chuck and again, but there was lots of positive news about Chuck last week. A 1.9 will put doubt in that.
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