Saturday, October 10, 2009

Weekly Television Roundup 10/04/09-10/09/09

I watch a few more shows than I review, so I'm going to say one or two lines about the episode along with an score (scoring may be off since I watched the episodes days ago).

Dexter - 9.5/10 - Very interesting episode with Dexter trying to cope with memory loss. The Trinity Killer continues to be a creep. This season looks like it's shaping up to be very good.

Castle - 9.2/10 - Once again a weak crime, but Castle made up for it. His treatment of the model who was once Alexis'x babysitter was so heartwarming, and his mother continues to be a hoot.

NCIS: Los Angeles - 8.4/10 - While the crime was cool albeit unbelievable, I found myself disliking a lot of the funny things. It was all very unnatural and painful to watch.

Criminal Minds - 8.8/10 - Reed + Garcia = FUN. I wish there could have been more scenes with them and I think Matthew Gray Gubler was on crutches for a while so hopefully we get to see more of them. I really disliked Rossi in this episode who is normally fine.

Bones - 8.4/10 - The stuff with Booth needing a girlfriend was fun for about 10 minutes, and then it got lame. The part about Arastoo's accent was absurd an continued down the path of unreality that Bones should be staying away from.

The Mentalist - 9.0/10 - I was expecting a crazy, epic episode from the promo, but instead I was handed a decent episode that ended a little too conveniently. I liked how Rigsby, Van Pelt, and Cho all stuck up for Lisbon. I am hoping that the Red John is advanced soon. The show needs some kind of arc which is currently nonexistent.

Psych - 8.3/10 - I continue to watch Psych for the cast. The writing has gotten stale and the crimes much the same. James Roday continues to be funny no matter what he does. My brother seems to hate him, but whenever he opens his mouth, it tickles me.

Flashpoint - 9.2/10 - I'm not really sure if i should be reviewing this since it hasn't aired in the United States, but if anyone stumbles upon this, this episode is season 3 episode 3. Great scenes between Greg and Ed and a really good plot.


D said...

People tend to forget Rossi loves and cares for the team, so I don't know why people over look that. I thought he was awesome in the episode. But I digress. BUT, thanks for talking about the show :)

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