Saturday, October 10, 2009

Review - Dollhouse Season 2 Episode 3 Belle Chose

Another intriguing episode with somewhat of a tie-in with Epitaph One. When Dollhouse got renewed earlier this year, I didn't care much. I wouldn't have been broken up if it was canceled. I watched it and liked it, but it wasn't terribly special. After Epitaph One and the first 3 episodes of season 2, I will be very disappointed if Dollhouse is canceled.

A serial killer who is in a coma has his entire mind dumped into Victor, so Ballard can interrogate him. He had just kidnapped 3 women before getting hit by a car, so he is a danger. Michael Hogan guest stars as his shareholder uncle who thinks he can connect with Victor. After Ballard fails to get substantial information other than a confirmation he just killed someone, the uncle breaks Victor out who of course turns on him the first chance he gets.

While this is happening, Echo is off on a romantic engagement as a college student with a creepy college professor. Topher decides to do a remote wipe which will take the whole system offline. Something happens, but its not exactly a wipe. The minds of Victor and Echo switch, so its half fun and half terrifying.

Echo was about to get in on with the professor, but with the serial killer mind, kills him and goes back to the 2 women still alive. Victor had entered a nightclub to look for a replacement for the woman he killed, but as the college student starts dancing suggestively. Props to Enver Gjokaj for doing such a great job. Eventually, Ballard takes him back to the Dollhouse with Victor clinging to his arm. Echo as the serial killer is about to kill the women before she glitches and reverts to what I assume is Caroline. She wants them to kill her before the killer comes back. They are about to before the Dollhouse guys and Ballard come in.

For the first time, Topher attempted to do a remote wipe and used a biolink feed. It did not work, switching the minds of 2 actives, but shows the possibility that a progression can happen leading to the apocalypse of Epitaph One. First it's the biolink, then phone, and soon the world is doomed.

I liked the references to Dr. Saunders so we could know that at least they haven't caught her yet and the ethical qualms of Topher and Adelle. I guess they draw their lines at serial killers. When the serial killer playing with his victims, they looked very much like dolls and when Ballard interrogates him, Adelle seems to realize that what she does may not be so much different.

A review for this episode wouldn't be complete without mention of the promo. If you haven't seen it, Youtube it. Before anything, the promo made sure we knew Summer Glau will be here in 3 weeks. Then it went in the more awesomeness with clips of the next episode dedicated to Sierra with a shocking look at Topher. That's in 2 weeks though. Damn baseball...

Score: 9.3/10


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