Friday, October 9, 2009

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Thursday 10/08/09 - Fringe in trouble?

We're just a few weeks into the broadcast season, but it may be time to start worrying.

FlashForward was way down this week to 3.0 which is still good, but the drop was .7 (wtf!!) which is almost a 20% drop in the demo. Very scary, but I'll hold off panicking. Grey's Anatomy (5.4) and Private Practice (3.6) were down from last week, but still amazing.

NBC clearly overestimated Community which sank to 1.9 after the move to 8 PM. Parks and Recreation (2.1) and The Jay Leno Show (1.7) did slightly better than last week. The Office (4.8) had ratings success with the Jam wedding. 30 Rock is taking the slot after The Office next week, so Community will stay are 8. Community did .1 better than SNL: Weekend Update, so obviously Community hasn't been able to create a fanbase and with only 3 episodes under its belt, Community couldn't have been expected to do better.

Fox is having difficulties on Thursday. While they are still up from last year, Fringe (2.1) is in the danger zone. I'm not sure anyone could have expected such a large drop from last year and Fox is probably looking to make some changes. Clearly they though Fringe would provide substantial competition, but instead its barely holding on. Bones on the other hand had an amazing 2.9. There is a range from about 2.6-3.0 that Bones never strays from regardless of timeslot, date, preemptions, or other scheduling changes. Bones has the fanbase that Fringe just doesn't have.

CBS is no longer in competition for the top with Survivor (3.4), CSI (3.5), and The Mentalist (3.3). CSI is no longer getting even close to what it was getting, and The Mentalist isn't getting the boost it got from NCIS last year.

I officially hate Thursdays. There's lots of good shows and only a limited viewership. The networks pack all their powerhouse shows on this one day because it has big advertising dollars for the weekend box office, so it leads to good shows having bad ratings. In the end, the viewers suffer.


Danielle said...

Networks really have to stop taking great shows that got them good viewership on other nights and put them on Thursdays. I mean, if Fringe was still on Tuesday nights, it would be getting far more viewers. I guess they hoped it would stand up against the competition, but there is WAY too much competition.

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