Friday, October 9, 2009

Review - The Office Season 6 Episode 4/5 Niagara

Finally, Jim and Pam get married, but no before the funnies. It's The Office, and no event goes without a large dosage of hysteria, hilarity, and a torn scrotum.

There were several running gags throughout the episode that were exceedingly funny. Kevin and Oscar kept being seen as a couple which was an embarrassment more for Oscar than Kevin, Andy kept tearing up, Michael didn't have a reservation, and Dwight was a total player.

One of the great moments of the episode was when everyone was giving a toast. Jim accidentally lets slip that Pam can't drink alcohol, tipping off her meemaw who is extremely conservative. Michael tries to salvage the situation, making it worse in the process. Later, Michael talks to meemaw which is equally hilarious. The way Michael discussed modern culture was absurdly hilarious, calling Pam a whore at the same time.

The wedding follows the all too familiar wedding video on Youtube that went viral. Other than that, the wedding goes as planned and there are few snags leading up to it. There are several Jam moments we've learned to love. Their relationship is amazingly organic compared to some other TV relationships. The episode had comedy but also was very focused on drama which on The Office is heartfelt and funny at the same time.

Score: 10/10 (how could I not?)


Anonymous said...

Definitely my favourite episode of the series so far

Anonymous said...

Probably the best wedding episode in TV history. Dwight and Andy were great. How can Emmy Voters think 30 Rock is a better show?

Anonymous said...

GREAT episode..ending was very cute and hilarious as well. I loved it!

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