Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Review - The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 5 Crash

Another wonderful episode from the best new drama of the season. I can say that definitively (until midseason...). Every episode has had high quality acting and writing. Sure there are things I dislike, but so far, the good has been way, way more than the bad.

Alicia fell into a moral quandary with a train crash case. There are three wives that desperately need their dead husbands' pensions. With little time on her hands, Alicia catches a break when Sarah, one of the train company's employees comes forward with a cryptic line. Alicia finds her again and pushes her, finding out that Sarah is married and was having an affair with an employee that told her the trains had a problem.

If Sarah testifies, her life with be ruined and Alicia knows exactly how that feels. If she doesn't testify, the three widows will be screwed. The decision is in Alicia's hands who eventually decides to make her testify. The widows get their money and Sarah is left with only trouble. Alicia was only doing her job -- winning for her clients -- but now Alicia knows how it feels to be the person on both sides.

Jackie (her mother-in-law) is giving Alicia lots of trouble. After Alicia tells her specifically to take the children to the prison, Jackie takes them anyways and Alicia blows up. I guess being a manipulator runs in the family; it's clear Peter is a lot like her.

As I speculated a few weeks ago, Will and Alicia have something. There wasn't outward flirting, but they were alone an awful lot. Jackie makes sure to bring this up to Peter who isn't happy. Later when Alicia visits him, he tells her Will isn't who he seems. Coming from a felon and adulterer, isn't quite ironic.

Kalinda is sent by Diane is investigate a potential partner, Marcus Overby and can't tell anyone about it. Further investigation reveals that he's actually Diane's boyfriend. *cue ominous music* He comes on to Kalinda who tells Diane he isn't exclusive. Then Kalinda does something a little unexpected. She basically asks for a raise without second though. She speaks frankly and doesn't bat an eye.

I like everything going on a the law firm with Diane, Kalinda, Cary, and Will. I'm still waiting for Peter's trial to start heating up. I know there's 22 episodes this season and we're only 5 episodes in, but I'm really looking forward to seeing how it'll shape up.

Score: 9.5/10


Anonymous said...

I agree the last episode of The Good Wife was really shaping up to be a good drama! Good mix of cases and personal drama

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