Friday, October 9, 2009

Review - Community Season 1 Episode 4 S01E04 Social Psychology

There was lots going on between Jeff and Britta, but no magic. There were fun moments between them as Jeff tried to be her friend while being private apprehensive at her hippie boyfriend, but so far, the writing for them has been bland at most. I don't think there will be many episodes dedicated to them - it is after all a community - but I suppose an episode to advance their relationship every so often isn't terrible, especially when the supporting cast is there to give a boost. The problem is that there really was no advancement in the episode other than Shirley's reveal that Britta had a sex dream about Jeff. Jeff pining over Britta can be interesting, but the writing must be good first.

Far more satisfying were the scenes between Shirley and Jeff, who gossiped with each other. They end up talking as they walk to class, which creates funny conversations about the hippie's nipples and other people. However, the tables are turned on Jeff as Shirley and Britta gossip about him.

Annie, Abed, and Troy had their own separate story involving a psychology experiment run by Professor Duncan. This is the first time we've seen John Oliver since the pilot which was nice. The experiment is very simple. Leave the participants in the room until they go crazy. Annie is allowed to join the class and in turn, brings Abed and Troy as test subjects. SeƱor Chang also joins, and breaks immediately having a crazy temper tantrum. Troy is the second to last and breaks in an equally funny scene. Abed never breaks, sitting in the room for 26 hours. Eventually, Professor Duncan breaks and gets mad at Abbie for bringing Abed who then gets mad at Abed. It turns out Abed stayed only because Annie said he was her friend.

Pierce continued to be somewhat of an outsider, popping in for a few inappropriate comments.

We are starting to get a mixture of the characters that works very well since everyone is so difference and there are limitless combinations of the characters.

Score: 9.3/10 


Anonymous said...

Nice Review. I would rate the episode like a 8.1.

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