Friday, October 2, 2009

Review - Dollhouse Season 2 Episode 2 Instinct

Dollhouse will probably be canceled. but I'll keep reviewing this show as long as it airs. The pacing of each episode is always uneven. I liked the episode, but the engagement always drags while the events at the Dollhouse are underused.

Echo is a mother of a newborn who is married to Nate, a rich guy, she is very suspicious of. She overreacts and goes through his stuff finding photos of his wife who died. I found this very interesting. She looking at pictures of herself in a different body except she has no idea of what's going on. Echo/Emily starts getting ideas of the Dollhouse after seeing the black van and overhearing a phone conversation. She tries to save the baby by running off with help from her friend Sierra who gets taken into the black van. Echo takes off on her own and gets help from the police, but Nate and Ballard come and take her away.

At the Dollhouse, she goes crazy and has to be sedated. After being wiped, she attacks Topher and goes to get her baby back. Topher somehow made Echo lactate be changing her on the glandular level causing her maternal instinct to override everything else. Apparently too much maternal instinct is her similar to psycho killer. Nate describes the Dollhouse to her and she is conflicted, but exceedingly receptive of the idea, leaving the baby.

Perrin continues his Rossum investigation but needs help. Alexis Denisof's voice is a little high-pitched which was covered up well in Angel due to not using an American accent. With the American accent, he sounds a tad shrill. He's on the warpath and with good evidence, Perrin won't be stopping anytime soon. Unfortunately he only has 2 scenes which will probably increase as the season progresses.

November/Mellie/Madeline makes another appearance and is doing very well and is doing thoroughly pleased with her situation. She comes in for a diagnostic test and meets Ballard after getting a cut from Echo. They talk and Ballard is clearly holding back emotions and thoughts. Ballard is confused after learning the Dollhouse actually made her life better. I'm sure in certain circumstances it would, but who's to judge?

The episode ends with Ballard talking to Echo. She seems very aware of what happened and feels horrible about what Topher did to her. I guess this is the first stumbling block to their ultimate goal of bringing down the Dollhouse, but a seemingly minor one as they will continue.

Score: 8.8/10


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