Friday, October 2, 2009

Review - Community Season 1 Episode 3 Introduction to Film

I think this is the last time I'll be reviewing Community since I have so many other shows on Thursday and comedies are hard to review. This was my favorite episode out of the 3. I found myself laughing constantly.

Jeff's new professor played by John Michael Higgins is right from the Dead Poets Society and tells everyone to seize the day. Instantly he picks up that Jeff doesn't do that stuff. Jeff is clever and makes his moves carefully to get the most benefit. This leads to constant interaction between them as Jeff fails to do anything that seizes the day. John Michael Higgins is great and the writing was spot on. I hope every episode isn't inundated with movie or TV references since they get overbearing after a while and people don't get all the references.

The other story was funny and also a little disturbing. Abed wants to take film class but cannot due to financial restraints, so Britta pays for the class. Throughout the episode Abed acts really weird and wastes Britta's money making her mad. All the while, Abed is filming her and Jeff. The end result, an awkward clip with deeper meaning. Somehow Abed conveyed that he was blamed for his parents splitting up while never having said that out loud, and his father is moved. Weird, disturbing, funny, and all the other adjectives out there.

Jeff manages to pass the professors test by kissing Britta. However, it wasn't real since Britta owed him a favor. There were other funny moments Troy's girly sneezes and Pierce's inappropriate comments.

Score: 9.3/10


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