Saturday, October 3, 2009

Scoring Guidelines

Updated Scoring Explanation

I just realized that for first time readers it must be hard to judge where the episode stands based on my score with a benchmark. While most people can probably figure out how I score after reading a few reviews, I'd like to write a general guide on how I score:

9.6- 10: Exceptional episode overall with amazing acting and writing. I give out a couple of these, so it's definitely not impossible to reach by my standards. Shows that get these score are must watches.

9.1-9.5: Great episode that doesn't quite reach the highest level of television. In my experience, the writing is the limiting factor. Shows that get these scores are also must watches.

8.6-9.0: These are still good episodes that aren't brilliant but still very enjoyable to watch. Shows that get these scores are still recommended.

8.1-8.5: Here's the turning point. Episodes near the lower range of this spectrum are on the border of being "bad." Shows that consistently score here may not be something to watch every week.

7.5-8.0: Shows in this range are probably pretty bad though some people may enjoy them. There is still some possibility for it to be a good show, but no likely.

<7.4: Nobody should be watching these shows, and nobody really does.


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