Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Review - The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 3 You Can't Go Home Again

The Good Wife shows so many angles of Alicia's life completely that it amazes me. There isn't an overblown emphasis on any aspect of her life. Instead, there is a near perfect balance between her work, kids, and her husband. It's still a legal show, but the legal stuff is really light for the most part, while Alicia's character makes the viewer just gravitate to her and root for her.

The case this week involves the son of her former friend who ditched her after the allegations came out. Kenny is a pothead who is accused of murder. There is a witness who cuts a deal for his testimony. Alicia destroys the case by chance when she returns to the scene of the crime and the exact same time it was committed, and discovers the sprinklers turn on. The police officer says that the witness wasn't wet, so his testimony is useless. The judge determines there isn't enough evidence to go to trial so Kenny is saved.

Cary, the other junior associate, is a total loser by trying to cut a deal with the prosecutor immediately. He's a rat and later tries to make himself look good to Diane. Alicia better be ready next time he tries to do more harm.

I'm not sure if the writers were trying to attack rich people or their culture. Apparently their refinement forced them to disassociate from Alicia when she needed support the most and still after saving their druggie son, Alicia knows there's no going back. They're done with her and she's done with them.

Along the same lines, the kids of rich people are still decent people, keeping in touch with Alicia's kids. It may not be that the parents are bad people; it's the elitist culture that corrupts. The children aren't doing well in their new surroundings and guilt trip her into bringing them back to Highland Park. As if all the things Alicia is dealing with isn't enough, now her children have to pile on. And in the third episode!

We got to see Chris Noth out of the suit or jumpsuit, in 2 flashbacks. He and Alicia are very happy in one, and having sex in another right before he takes an "important" call. It's bittersweet with Alicia remembering the good, and then remembering the even worse.

Score: 9.4/10


Danielle said...

I don't actually think it was entirely by chance that she discovered the water sprinklers. After all, she had lived in that community before and had to adhere to the rules of the neighbourhood as well. Then again, she also got herself soaked, so you have to wonder what exactly she was expecting to happen when she got there if not that.

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