Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Monday 10/26/09 - Where were the Browncoats?

For the supposedly amazing size of the Firefly fandom, you'd think they'd tune in one last time to see Mal on the small screen. The overnights would indicate that was the effect with a very impressive 2.8. But in the finals, Castle fell to 2.5, .1 better than last week, and with much worse competition. It was an improvement, but certainly not what lots of people expected.

Dancing With the Stars did well again with 3.6. While the numbers are down, ABC will have DWTS for many more years.

CBS repeats did fairly well with How I Met Your Mother (2.6), Accidently on Purpose (2.1), Two and a Half Men (3.5), The Big Bang Theory (3.8), and CSI: Miami. The Big Bang Theory continues their amazing numbers.

Heroes maintained a 2.5. Maybe there's a chance it could survive. Heroes will no longer pull the numbers it used to, but if it can stay at 2.5 and above, it has a good chance of survival. Trauma is most certainly dead getting 1.9. The Jay Leno Show was down again to 1.3. I guess going up against a CSI: Miami repeat didn't help.

Fox had interesting numbers with So You Think You Can Dance (2.6) and Lie to Me (2.4). Without the huge lead-in from House, Lie to Me was down, but maintained much of SYTYCD's audience.


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