Thursday, October 1, 2009

Please CBS, do not make a Criminal Minds spin-off

The was word yesterday morning that CBS was considering a Criminal Minds spin-off with brand new characters and a female lead. Other than that, the show will be the same. A group of FBI agents solve cases relating to serial murders and crazy people.

I like Criminal Minds - I've actually watched every episode of the show - but I do not see how a spin-off would benefit the audience. Instead of one case per week, we get two. If we wanted more cases of the nature, there are 4 season worth already, and a multitude of other cop shows.

At least with the CSI and NCIS spin-offs, there is a possibility for some originality, but how could a new Criminal Minds be different? The current Criminal Minds is almost straight profiling mixed with the interpersonal demons of the team members. This is how I suspect the difference will be. The team members will be having sex with each other left and right. There is hardly any sexual tension on Criminal Minds which is in stark contrast to all other procedurals.

CBS proved that original shows can work. Take The Mentalist and The Good Wife. These shows don't necessarily fit the mold of other shows and yet they do well in the ratings. While CBS may not be as innovative as ABC or Fox, I am positive that making the easy decision is not always the best route.


Anonymous said...

I have also watched its many episodes but I am not getting about spin off. Have you any idea about it.But any way it is true that all the episodes of this TV Show
was excellent.

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