Friday, October 9, 2009

Review - Supernatural Season 5 Episode 5 Fallen Idols

When I first heard Paris Hilton was going to be on Supernatural, I naturally freaked out as as any fan of art should. In the end, she did a fair job and actually improved the overall weak episode.

Yes, the historical figures were cool and the wax figures were creepy, but the story was kind of boring. People are getting killed by what appears to be their idols. It's actually a god who likes eating people. Dean and Sam get tied up by Paris Hilton as the god, break free, and chop her head off. Yay!!! Gandhi on top of Sam was scary with his expression, but oddly funny since Gandhi is so short compared to Sam.

The important part of the episode was the talks between Sam and Dean. Here's my take. Sam and Dean have made numerous mistakes along the way. Dean is abrasive and has alienated Sam in the past by treating him as an underling instead of an equal. This is primarily the reason for Sam turning to Ruby instead of a human. Ruby gave him what he needed and couldn't get from Dean. This isn't Dean's fault either. Dean was raised in non-ideal conditions and has never really been close with anyone. Sam could have used better judgment and some logic. When looking at which brother did the most damage to the world, clearly it is Sam. He was the one who broke the last seal and that automatically makes he the bad guy in almost everyone's eyes. Maybe others contributed to his downfall, but Sam will always be the perpetrator.

Score: 8.4/10


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