Friday, October 16, 2009

Review - Supernatural Season 5 Episode 6 I Believe the Children Are Our Future

With the apocalypse going on, I find it odd that the world is still seemingly normal. Dean and Sam head to a town where people are dying from unnatural reasons. They visit the house at the center of events and find a boy named Jesse. He seems to be able to make untrue ideas become true. Further investigation reveals he was adopted, so they visit his birth mother who tells them a chilling story about being possessed by a demon who impregnated her. Demons can reproduce asexually I guess.

Castiel pops up and tells them the half-demon, half-human boy is the Antichrist and must be killed. Castiel is about to kill the boy when the Winchesters bust in and find a Castiel action figure. They try talking to th boy telling him he is a superhero and needs to go to a school for superheroes. Then the boy's mother re-demonized comes in and tries bringing him to the dark side. Jesse eventually drags the demon out of her, goes upstairs and disappears. A little convenient, but he is the Antichrist and will be important later on.

I find it interesting that Supernatural uses the word Antichrist in a seemingly unrelated fashion with Christianity. Without a firm basis of the true nature of the Antichrist in the Supernatural universe, Jesse is a wildcard. He has displayed the most power out of anyone including Lucifer which is a scary thought considering he has the mind of a child. Jesse had the innocence of a boy and amazing powers. With the knowledge he is half-demon, he can embrace the demon or human.

The introduction of Jesse also opened up a lot of questions and plotholes that made the episode seem a little sloppy. As in all genre shows, I will suspend me disbelief and take everything at face value. Nothing makes sense, but it'll all work out in the end - even if it doesn't (wait wut?).

From this episode, it would appear that Sam and Dean have no more issues between them which I thought would still persist. I really though there would be lingering issues and maybe the writers didn't want to push it after their "resolution" in the last episode, but there has to be some kind of tension between them that was nonexistent. 

Score: 8.7/10


Anonymous said...

Actually I am glad they put the tension and the break-ups and the long stares out of this week's episode. Was getting to be a bit much.

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