Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Review - NCIS Season 7 Episode 5 Code Of Conduct

This is the first episode of the season I disliked. The crime jumped from place to place like always and then ended quite awkwardly. The show went back to the normal formula without anything Ziva related, but the crime could have been much better, especially since it was a Halloween episode.

A Marine, Korby, is found by some pranksters dead and frozen. Apparently, Korby is also an obnoxious loser (yes, that's my opinion) and pissed lots of people off. One of them was a neighbor called Mr. Rodgers who hates Halloween and everything related to it. Tony immediately suspects his wife who is the obvious choice. She's been previously married to other enlisted men who died in duty. Tony continually suspects her even though nobody else really cared, but I guess that's just Tony's thing for the episode.

Ducky finds out that Korby had drank paint thinner 2 months ago, so the team investigates his unit. They discover some of them hated them. Nothing pans about except discovering another Marine named Singer was having an affair with his wife.

It turns out that the daughter killed Korby and tried to pin it on her mother. She wanted inheritance right now instead of 5 years later. Ok...

There were some fun Halloween moments involving Gibbs and Abby, and a devastating revelation that Vance banned Halloween costumes. I love that everyone is calling Ziva probie, and so far, she's taking it nicely. Tony won some bet involving the number of crimes on Halloween and he gave it to charity.

For the shippers, there was some Tony and Ziva stuff in the waning seconds of the episode and inevitably, Ziva pulls a prank on Tony.

Score: 8.5/10


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