Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Review - House Season 6 Episode 4 Instant Karma

Can we get rid of 13? The writers had an easy opening. Instead of playing stupid games with 13 getting a plane ticket, having it canceled, and then investigating, I could have imagined this godsend: Cuddy walks in and announces that 13 died in a plane crash. Simple, easy, and perfectly logical. It was out of her hands, wasn't a random suicide, and the fans would have loved it. But alas, the pretty face and body of Olivia Wilde continues to make appearances and she'll probably be back in full capacity one of these days. Until then, we can rejoice the team of House, Cameron, Chase, and a thankfully diminished Foreman. For another hypothetical, how much better would the show be if it was a team of House, Wilson, and Cuddy?

The medical story was slightly above average. A rich guy, Roy, has a son, Jack with a disease no one knows how to treat. After yelling "Where's House?" annoyingly several times, House finally meets him halfway into the episode and tells him what the disease is and how it's untreatable. Roy proceeds to give away all his money thinking that his abilities to obtain money were so great that his son suffered because of that, and giving away his money would make his son live. Right... This is television of course, and House comes up a brilliant idea when talking to Wilson. He saves the kid, and Roy's theory is correct. Bankrupting yourself makes people live. I'm being facetious about this because it was extremely stupid, and House didn't have that much to say about it. Sure he told Roy it was a bad idea, but if this was season 1-5, House would surely have said much meaner things.

The most interesting part of the episode was the ongoing story stemming from Chase's killing of Dibala last week.  Foreman has to present at a Morbidity and Morality conference and he discovers a problem with the blood. They panic and have no where to turn. Foreman tries to weasel out of presenting, but Cuddy refuses. Chase is about to spill the beans, but Cuddy has to leave. With no options left, House gives them a way out, providing evidence that would backup the blood results. All the while, Cameron knows something is going on, and Chase refuses to tell her anything.

I've had enough of Foreman, Thirteen, and everything in between, but House changing, and Chase in trouble make for great TV. After shaky ground last season, House is back at the top and has me hooked again.

Score: 9.3/10


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