Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Tuesday 10/13/09

CBS once again dominated the night with NCIS (4.5), NCIS: Los Angeles (3.5), and The Good Wife (2.8). NCIS and NCIS: LA are sure locks for renewals, but I'm worrying about The Good Wife. While the retention is pretty good, and it's still beating the competition badly, but 2.8 isn't great by CBS standards. The Good Wife definitely will be on the bubble come spring.

The Hell's Kitchen finale (3.8) did extremely well, averaging higher than CBS for the night. Next week is baseball, so Fox should continue to do well on Tuesday.

Tuesday is NBC's saving grace with The Biggest Loser average 3.5 over 2 hours. It's pretty much the only show other than The Office that is doing remotely well this year. The Jay Leno Show was down from last week, but is still doing okay with 1.8.

ABC is still struggling with Shark Tank (1.6), DWTS (2.9), and The Forgotten (2.1). The Forgotten seems to have stabilized, but is still lower than Castle which should have an advantage over it. The Forgotten is pretty much gone, but who watches anyways?


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