Friday, October 9, 2009

Review - FlashForward Season 1 Episode 3 137 Sekunden

FlashForward is not Lost. People need to stop the comparisons, and scouring the show for references to Lost. The only similarities between the two is that both are on ABC, and they have scifi elements. It's clear that the writers of FlashForward are trying to create a slower paced show that isn't as mystery oriented, and have many moments you'd see on any regular show. So far the execution hasn't been the greatest, and the show altogether may be too ambitious, but it's a decent start.

I'm still waiting for the show to be smarter. The focus of the episode was a Nazi war criminal who claims to have information on the flashforward, and of course wants immunity. First he says it was 137 seconds long because thats the numerical value of the Hebrew alphabet added up. That's obviously rubbish, so Mark and Janis have a dumb conversation whether the ends justify the means, one of those fundamental questions that lead nowhere. Eventually, he tells them crows died during the blackout. If crows died as a precursor, maybe if they look for other mass crow deaths, they will find something, and they do. A large crow death was accompanied by blackouts in Somalia nearly 10 years ago.

Gabrielle Union made her first appearance and she had a few scenes with John Cho and Gina Torres. Aaron dug up his daughter's remains for a DNA test, but it came back positive, so she's dead for now. The writers are trying to create these characters, but they just aren't feel like real humans. They act like regular people, but they seem like empty shells going around and solving this mystery.

There are a few questions I have about the show. Why do people care so much about what they see? (I know, it's the whole point of the show.) What's going on outside the FBI in terms of disaster relief, etc? 

Score: 8.7/10


Danielle said...

If the show does end up being a great success, they should have a spinoff series that follows the relief workers. I too would be interested to see that side of it, but our main characters are part of the FBI and concerned with solving the mystery, not following the rescue crews.
It would be nice if every once in a while we heard about stuff, like if all schools were open and how they managed to get any up and functioning again so quickly.

eat it said...

sucky, lazy, short review. quit posting spam on ign if you're not even willing to put any thought into your work.

TV Obsessed said...

I would spend more time reviewing the episode if anything actually happened in the episode. Outside of the main mystery which I did review, everything lacks any weight. I am still waiting for a scene unrelated to the search of the cause of the flashforward that has much significance.

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