Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Review - House Season 6 Episode 3 The Tyrant

With the original team back together, the brutal African dictator, and House partially back at the hospital, everything clicked to create one of the more enjoyable episodes in a long while. I like where this season is going so far, but the quick departure of Jennifer Morrison in episode 9 as reported by several sources will probably put a damper on things. While she has barely done anything substantial the past 2 seasons, episode 3 adds a new twist that the writers should have dragged longer.

The story revolving around the dictator Dibala is a little simplistic, but I liked it. At first, Cameron absolutely despises him and wants him dead, giving Chase a funny (my thought when I saw it) glare as he talks to Dibala. Dibala sees how how much Cameron hates him, and tells her to kill him. She is unable to do so, and resolves to keep him alive. Meanwhile, Chase is disturbed by Dibala and after numerous incidents and goes so far as to fake test results, so Dibala is taken off the correct treatment. Foreman finds out and while furious, burns the evidence.

This will no doubt be the focus of the next few episodes, as there seems to be some kind of investigation in the promo for the next episode. Cameron still doesn't know, and we can just imagine her reaction after learning his husband is now a killer. Foreman was much more likable than in the last episode by standing with Chase in their deceit and his attempts to talk to an irrational 13.

The House storyline was also pretty interesting and included a hilarious Bill from True Blood impression by Wilson. Their neighbor is a Vietnam vet named Murphy who is pissed at House and his loud cane. The dispute is made worse when House breaks into his house to leave an apology note, and in the process, seeing a Canadian flag. Wait, Canadians weren't in Vietnam!! House confronts him rudely about this and learns that he was in Vietnam to enforce the 1973 Paris Peace Accords. In a last ditch attempt to mediate a resolution, House does a Dexter and sedates Murphy with an injection to the neck. House solves his arm pain with a mirror box, allowing him to unclench his arm.

House also chimes into the differentials since he still doesn't have his medical license back which is charming. It's not entirely sure if the writers tried to make James Earl Jones's character seem slightly good, like unifying the country would bring peace, but Jones having voiced Darth Vader is kind of overtly saying that he is a bad person.

Score: 9.4/10


Anonymous said...

I would have really loved this episode, IF I hadn't known it was only temporary and Jennifer Morrison was leaving. Luckily, I did know, so that I won't go ballistic and depressed quite so much when they write her off. And if I hadn't known, I also might have thought, "oh, goody, they're getting the show back on track, and maybe it will stop being "The Foreteen Show." Thank goodness I was disapprized of THAT notion! It's one thing to create a magnificent show. It's quite another to maintain it. I hate TPTB. They've ruined it.

Anonymous said...

Annyone know what music it is at the end?

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