Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Review - House Season 6 Episode 5 Brave Heart

Can we just say that medical stories are no longer interesting? Sure, the police officer convince he would die was a step up, but ultimately, after 5 season, we've seen it all.

The use of parkour in the opening was unintentionally funny since The Office used it in an opening earlier this season, so it brought back great memories. Donny, the police officer, chases the suspect and then jumps after him, plummeting 30 feet to the ground. At the hospital, he is fine, but Cameron takes special interest in him, since he's convinced he'll die at 40 like his father and grandfather. It was like the situation with Banks in The Unusuals. It was probably a coincidence, but seeing two very similar situations with other shows is unusual.

A woman comes in with his son who he's never met. Lots of medical stuff goes on and then Donny dies. But then he wakes up in the morgue which is what the big deal on the promo was all about. It was shocking, but not mindblowing. More medical stuff, and then House comes up with the solution while talking to Wilson.

The main side story was Chase's inability to enter the room Dibala died in. Maybe it was too artificial, but when Chase asks Donny about cops who've killed, he says that there's two types: those who brush it off and those who go off the deep end (paraphrasing). Later, Chase talks to a priest who tells him to tell the police. Instead, Chase goes out drinking. It looks like he'll be doing off the deep end. All the while, Cameron is getting more worried and is even seen calling the police before Chase comes back from the bar.

House is hearing voices and quits the team once again. It turns out to be Wilson talking to Amber. It's sad and a tad creepy. Cuddy was in the episode a lot more than she was, and has a few scenes with House just to remind us where all this is going.

A big plus for the episode was no 13. I will repeat that. No Thirteen/13/Remy Hadley or another incarnation of the worst character on the show. After the pathetic attempt last week to inject her into the show for no apparent reason, the writers thankfully kept her out. Now only if they could do it for the rest of the series.

Score: 8.7/10


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