Monday, October 5, 2009

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Sunday 10/04/09

New Sunday rule: no SNF. NBC creams all competition anyways and doesn't require any thoughts on the ratings. If you want to know my take on the game, the Chargers defensive line sucks and their offensive could be great if they played consistently. Steelers need a few more wins before I can make any determinations.

CBS failed with Three Rivers (2.0) and Cold Case (2.3). Three Rivers is sure to get canceled with those numbers, and it should. The show sucked, and in turn, no one tuned in. Cold Case looks like its in shaky ground after last year's near miss. CBS's attempt to make some noise on Sundays is so far failing miserably.

Fox comedies did well with The Simpsons (4.3), The Cleveland Show (4.2), Family Guy (4.9), and American Dad (3.5). All those shows look set for renewal.

ABC did better with Desperate Housewives (4.9) up from last week, and Brothers & Sisters (3.2) which was also up.


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