Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Monday 10/12/09

The more I've watched of Castle this season, the more I want to see it get renewed. Unfortunately, the ratings aren't great with a measly 2.3 last night. DWTS is still lower than last year with 3.6. Castle is up from last week, and if it continues on the current trend, Castle could be renewed. As it stands now, I am cautiously optimistic. It is outperforming The Forgotten and Eastwick, the new hour long shows on ABC.

CBS is doing incredibly well with How I Met Your Mother (3.6), Accidentally On Purpose (3.0), Two and a Half Men (4.8), and The Big Bang Theory (5.0).

NBC's Monday lineup seems to have stabilized to a pretty low number with Heroes (2.4), Trauma (1.8), and The Jay Leno Show (1.6). Heroes is probably safe if it stays are those numbers, with NBC will have to take a closer look at it next year. Clearly the ratings in the United States are problematic.

Fox is doing fairly well, but the numbers must be troubling to the execs. House received 5.2, and Lie to Me only 2.8 which is a huge drop. That's about a 46% drop off. Fox doesn't want to mess with a show that is doing pretty good in the timeslot, but I wonder if even Dollhouse could get those numbers after House. That would be an insane risk to take, but I would love to see what would happen.


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