Thursday, October 8, 2009

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Wednesday 10/07/09

ABC comedies were down with Hank (1.6), The Middle (2.1), Modern Family (3.4), and Cougar Town (3.2). The Middle, Modern Family, and Cougar Town all got full season pickups. I still think The Middle will not perform well in later years, but we'll see. Eastwick continued to fall with 1.8. Expect to see a cancellation pretty soon.

CBS continued its bipolar Wednesdays with The New Adventures of Old Christine (1.9), Gary Unmaiired (2.2) not doing well while Criminal Minds (3.6), and CSI: NY (2.9) did very well.

NBC sucked again with Mercy (1.8), Law & Order: SVU (2.6), and The Jay Leno Show (1.7). NBC needs to put SVU on another night. Mercy isn't giving a good lead-in, and from the ratings, SVU has a solid base.

Glee continues to well on Fox with 3.3. It's a niche show that is skewed very young, but it's doing extremely well.


Danielle said...

But I like Eastwick.

Anonymous said...

I like SVU and Law and order and agree that NBC should move SVU, it should also move Law and order, damn NBC with "the jay leno show"

Anonymous said...

just saw this on your twitter page:

Holy crap, Southland got canceled?1?!?!?!?

it did, you can thank NBC decision of having "The jay leno show" at 10pm

I love your blog BTW

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