Friday, October 16, 2009

Review - Community Season 1 Episode 5 Advanced Criminal Law

Community seems to be focusing less on the community as a whole and instead on individual pairings of characters. This is fine, but eventually we'll need an episode where everyone is interacting together for the whole episode. Mixing and matching can be funny, but throwing everyone together can be even funnier.

Ken Jeong once again stole the show in his first scene, revealing that there was a cheater in their midst. He threatens to fail the class unless the charter comes forward. The next day, Britta takes the blame, and is quickly scorned out of the class.

She is put in front of a tribunal comprised of Professor Duncan, the dean, and Senor Chang with Jeff defending her. We get to see a little of Jeff's amazing abilities including his infamous September 11 defense which no one buys. Britta tells Jeff she may have dropped the crib sheet to sabotage herself, so Jeff argues that she is insane which actually works.

Annie and Pierce try to make the school song. He doesn't actually know how to make music without stealing it, and Annie is pressuring him. Eventually Annie becomes supportive of him, and he Bruce Hornsby's The Way It Is and plays it for the school.

Abed and Troy had a drawn up story about joking. Troy messes with Abed in the beginning who decides to do something of his own. He creates a elaborate setup to make Troy think he's a alien which crumbles.

There were funny moments as always, but all 3 storylines were pretty bad. Britta and Jeff are boring. Abed is just plain weird. He really doesn't do anything other than be weird. While that may pass as comedy sometimes, I has to do something else.

Score: 8.6/10


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