Thursday, October 8, 2009

Review - Modern Family Season 1 Episode 3 Come Fly with Me

The families mixed together for the second time with great result. Modern Family is the funniest new comedy so far, and keep wanting more episodes. There is such a wide range of characters with different ages and personalities, that the possibilities are endless. One complaint that I have is that the episode seemed little too unfocused with over three distinct stories going on. I would like to see more focus on just a few characters instead of trying to have all 3 families share screen time equally.

Claire and Manny who are technically step-siblings get into a deep discussion which was hilarious to watch since Manny is just a little kid and Claire is so much older. Manny is probably more mature than Phil who Claire should be talking to.

Mitchell and Cameron have an isolated story in which they take a trip to Costco. As most first time Costco shoppers would, Mitchell goes crazy and buys half the story. Buying at Costco is double-edged sword. It's easy to buy something you don't need, and with those prices, it's hard to control yourself. I liked that we learned some backstory on Mitchell and Cameron.

Gloria and Alex go shopping which leads to Alex asking Gloria inappropriate questions who answers them truthfully. Gloria eventually gets Alex to buy a dress telling her it's how to get boys to like her. While Alex may have bought a dress this time, she still doesn't want to be like Haley.

Phil decides to bond with Jay and just shows up at his house. After an awkward silence, they go to fly a model airplane. The highlight of the episode was when Jay flew the plane in Phil's face. Ty Burrell reaction is perfect as he goes down, and the laugh so hard at it. There's part of me that loves physical humor even though it's so wrong. Jay takes Phil back to his house where Claire gets Jay to say he finally likes Phil. Then Mitchell and Cameron come in and they all get in a big group hug.

Score: 9.3/10


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