Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Opinion of Current Television Shows, Part 1

I don't review all the shows I watch every week, so I want to give a quick rundown of what I think of all the shows I currently watch and have watched all episodes of. I'll do them by network, so they aren't in any particularly order. Since Blogger only allows 10 labels at a time, I'm splitting this in several parts.

Supernatural: Brilliant show all around from the writing to the acting, and everything in between.

Bones: I liked the first few seasons a lot, but the show starting going in all sorts of directions that were pretty stupid. The show can still be entertaining as evidenced by the last episode, but it's near the bottom of my shows and probably isn't going to climb put of the spot.

Fringe: Is is terrible for me to say this show is overrated? I've seen lots of comments with high regard to the father-son relationship of Walter and Peter. While it's pretty good, how can that compare to the Sydney Jack relationship on Alias, another J.J. Abrams show, just a few years ago? Fringe really lacks the kick that makes Abrams shows special, and the continued use of standalone episodes bother me when there is so much they can explore.

House: The quality of the show has declined a lot, but Hugh Laurie is still a scene stealer. Replacing the team members would be better had the replacements been better than the originals, and if the worst of the originals, Foreman, had also been removed.

24: I don't care how ludicrous the plots are, 24 is my favorite show on television right now. The writing is compelling, and Jack Bauer is flat out awesome.

Dollhouse: I think the premise of the show boxes some creativity in the corner. The show started without a clear direction and while it has established the direction by now, the ratings continue to stink.

Chuck: It's the only one-hour show I watch on NBC, so it must mean a lot. The will-they won't-they I could do without, but the from top to bottom, Chuck is an amazing show.

The Office: Hilarious show. Love the characters, love Dunder-Mifflin. The show has stayed very consistent through the years.

Community: There's so much potential in this show it's disappointing the episodes haven't been much funnier.

Criminal Minds: I don't care if its pop psychology. It's a cool show and I like it.

Opinion of Current Television Shows, Part 2


Anonymous said...

Fuck You Fringe is great show how can you not see it. I know Season 2 is lacking but it'll become really good not like stupid Mad Men.

TV Obsessed said...


I actually provided a reason for my opinion.

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