Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Opinion of Current Television Shows, Part 2

Continuing on with the list... I also want to add that I'm not going to add any new shows to the list.

The Mentalist: The writing is fairly average, but Simon Baker steals the show. As Patrick Jane, he's charming, charismatic, serious, funny, and every other adjective out there. I'm glad he got an Emmy nod even though the cynic in me tells me that the whole system is corrupt.

NCIS: My favorite procedural on television right now, possibly my favorite of all-time. I liked JAG a lot, but NCIS blows it away. The team dynamic and characters are unmatched.

Flashpoint: I know you must be wondering why the hell I'm watching Canadian television (don't worry, I also watched The Listener), but Flashpoint is an oddly endearing and compelling show. It just has something special that makes you want to watch.

The Big Bang Theory: I find the show completely hilarious since I get a lot of the geek and science references. The characters are great, and Sheldon and Penny make comedic genius.

Better Off Ted: I never understood why the ratings were so low. The first couple episodes may not have been spectacular, but the clever writing and Portia de Rossi's performance made BOT one of the best new shows last year.

Scrubs: I loved all 8 seasons of the show and never had any problems with the storytelling. Even season 6 was awesome. Hopefully the reboot without Zach Braff will have as much success, but I'm not banking on it. Nevertheless, Bill Lawrence has done some amazing things and he'll probably make the new concept work.

Lost: The show has gotten as little too convoluted with the interconnectedness, but I guess that's part of the draw of the show. I've forgotten a lot and haven't rewatched much, so I'm planning a 10-day rewatch of the whole series and post daily updates on my blog. If you don't think I can, I promise I'll do it in 10-days or less, or I won't watch Lost season 6, ever. I'm not worrying since I watched 16 episodes of Farscape per day for 3 days, and can watch 10 episodes per day during the weekends.

Castle: The crimes are badly written (no offense to the writers), generic, and exceedingly simplistic, but all of that is redeemed by the characters and the acting. Castle's douchebagginess has been toned down and he's a genuinely good person that Beckett and the other detectives respect.

True Blood: I like True Blood a lot and the show will continue to be popular for years. The directing and cinematography is simply breathtaking. The acting is well above average, and the writing is good for the most part.

Dexter: This is another show that my opinion will elicit hatred. I think Dexter is overrated. The serial killer trying to be normal was interesting for a while, but the sheen has worn off for me, and while I keep watching, I don't find the need or desire to review it.

Opinion of Current Television Shows, Part 1


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