Thursday, November 4, 2010

Review - The Office Season 7 Episode 7 Christening

If not for Ellie Kemper's big infectious smile at the end of the episode, I don't think I would've been amused one time during the entire episode. Maybe Toby got to me a little, but the rest--the whole christening, lack of food, baby shenanigans, Dwight selling paper, Ryan being a douche, Michael and Andy hopping on the bus--was entirely flat. I watched those scenes roll by and I literally had no reaction. They weren't bad, but certainly not funny and we've seen multiple variations of most of the acts by now.

Looking at the episode as a first glimpse of what may happen to Michael, it does a good job at positioning Michael for an exit. The implication of Michael leaving for Mexico while the rest of the employees go to a movie is that Dunder-Mifflin is a family, just that Michael isn't part of it. But Michael also doesn't belong in Mexico building schools with the church people. So where does that leave him? We'll know by the end of the season.

Score: 8.2/10
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