Thursday, November 4, 2010

Review - Community Season 2 Episode 7 Aerodynamics of Gender

Abed is one of the coolest characters on television right now. His wealth of pop culture knowledge is unmatched and he's an awesome guy all around. In "Aerodynamics of Gender," we see that he can dish out the insults, Mean Girls-style. Britta, Annie, and Shirley recruit Abed to take out Hilary Duff and her bitchy posse, but they inadvertently turn on Robocop, the part of the Abed who notices every flaw of every person and reminds them about it. Since this is Abed and he's a good guy, he allows Hilary Duff's character to get back at him and restore the school to equilibrium.

Jeff and Troy find a magical bouncy trampoline which seems to be a paradise in the middle of the school. However, Pierce eventually finds what they're up to and spoils the everything. The real kicker is that the guy who takes care of the garden is racist and blames it on Troy. Somehow it relates to Troy and Jeff discriminating against Pierce, if you're the kind of person who cares about that stuff on a wacky comedy.

I didn't laugh as much during "Aerodynamics of Gender" as I did in the previous few episodes which were hysterical, but it was still funny and both stories were good.

Score: 8.8/10
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