Thursday, November 4, 2010

Review - Terriers Season 1 Episode 9 Pimp Daddy

"Pimp Daddy" is a great example of what makes Terriers such a likable show. The investigation with the transgender prostitute was fun in certain places and then quite emotional in the end with the crushing weight that the prostitute they were looking for was dead. Michaela talking to the prostitute's parents was a wonderful way to cap the story.

At the same time, Britt finds a pregnancy test in the garbage, surmising that Katie is pregnant. And as she tells Hank, she is, although she won't know who the father is for weeks. Reacting to the pregnancy, Britt proposes to Katie and all she can do is accept and be even more worried.

While Britt's off doing his own thing, Hank investigates Jason and finds something which might just blow the wedding wide open. Jason changed his name because his parents were accused of molesting kids at day care. This is absolutely huge and kind of justifies Hank's prying. However, when he tells Gretchen about it, she already knew--on her second date with Jason. Like a normal person in that situation, Gretchen blows up and Hank is left with nothing. Sorry, Hank, but you should have let her go. After all these twists regarding Jason, it looks like he's just a regular person in love with Gretchen. Unless he has something to do with the land, he's probably staying with Gretchen.

Only three episodes left this season and almost no chance of renewal. It's a shame no one watches, but what can we do.

Score: 8.9/10
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