Monday, November 8, 2010

Review - How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Episode 8 Natural History

When you hear right-wingers talk about 'elitist liberals,' it's a term used so often that it's interchangeable among the various people they dislike, and the message gets dampened. Zoey, however, is truly a liberal elitist. Upon her diamond studded pedestal, she reaps the benefits of business while simultaneously attacking poor Ted who's far more innocent than the GNB executives. What's more, she's a proven liar who will shed tears to get what she wants. How can we trust anything she says? All in all, she's the ultimate hypocrite and just a bad person.

Somehow, she actually comes out at the end of the episode not looking as terrible as she was in the middle of the episode, deleting the recording to fight Ted on even ground, though she should be going after the top people at GNB instead of Ted since it wasn't his decision to go after the Arcadian. And there's a tiny romantic spark there at the end. Will more come of it? By now, I've all but ruled her about as the Mother. If someone as insane, as heinous as Zoey becomes the fabled Mother, I might just stop watching.

The rest of "Natural History" is great, however, and makes up for whatever Zoey mess there is. What originally begins as Barney and Robin running around the museum like kids, touching everything in sight, turns into serious business for Barney. According to the security guard, young Barney Stinson got in trouble years ago and was signed out by his "father," Jerome Whittaker, who Barney thought was his uncle. Now what?

While Zoey acts like a moron and complains about things she might be able to fix with her money, Marshall and Lily face reality: Marshall needs the GNB job and move up the ladder in order to support the family. It's as simple as that, and despite Lily having misgivings about Marshall's career path, she knows Marshall still loves her and that he only wants the best for them.

Two solid storylines out of three definitely isn't bad and "Natural History" made for a fun, earnest half-hour of television. Now about that Zoey problem...

Score: 8.8/10
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