Monday, November 1, 2010

Review - How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Episode 7 Canning Randy

"Canning Randy" plays out like a Better Off Ted episode. The main story centers around GNB, a multinational corporation akin to Veridian Dynamics on Ted. Like most portrayals of business on television, GNB is the face of evil, greed, and killing cute animals, except it wants to portray a good image to the public.

After making the declaration never to fire anymore, going against the usual GNB line, Marshall has to fire Randy who just isn't cutting it. The agonizing decision is turned back once Marshall pleads with the boss convincingly. However, in backwards fashion, Marshall has to fire Randy in order to let him fulfill his dream of making wine.

I was already not digging Zoey two weeks ago when she first showed up, and "Canning Randy" did nothiong to change. Zoey is just a pain in the ass who's rarely funny. She constantly bothering Ted about the building and the only reason she is funny is because she's insane and clearly not Mother material. And if she does become the Mother, she better undergo a large personality change or we'll endure her presence for a long time.

Trying to emulate her popular cohost, Robin takes a part in an adult diapers commercial, and comes off looking extremely silly. Somehow, all the GNB shenanigans doesn't look so bad anymore.

While "Canning Randy" does deliver on the laughs with the various teaching gags and GNB humor, and Robin's absurd commercial, the plot was flat. The various storylines wander around until the end until only the Randy stuff fully resolves itself, and we're not given a teaser for Zoey or Robin's futures (I guess the fact that the commercial ran for 7 years may qualify).

Score: 8.3/10
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