Monday, November 1, 2010

Review - Chuck Season 4 Episode 7 Chuck Versus the First Fight

Chuck sure knows how to pull on the heartstrings, rip them apart, and put them back together to pull on some more "Chuck Versus the First Fight" was the first episode this episode which had fully engaged from beginning to end. Following last week's shocker of Sarah nabbing Mary, "First Fight" runs the range of emotions Chuck is known for, bringing us the jokes, the action, and of course most memorably, a couple of the most emotional scenes of the series.

The first half the episode largely keeps the foot on the pedal, keeping everything going without fully committing. Chuck travels with Mary's handler Gregory Tuttle (Timothy Dalton AKA James Bond) to exonerate Mary while Volkoff agents track them, and they end up bailing out of a plane, in Tuttle's mind, invoking memories of Alias. Considering all the mommy issues on Alias, the comparison fits well. There's an emotional climax in the middle, the first meeting between Mary and Ellie in years and the scene is unbelievable.

When Chuck, Sarah, and Mary go to Orion's secret base to read the triangle disks, there's something wrong: the disks are blank and as Casey finds out, Tuttle is not lying on the ground shot. In fact, Tuttle is Volkoff! The plot twist was in the back of my mind since the show pulls this stuff all the time, but it works because of all the emotional scenes preceding it. But just when we think Mary is a heartless monster who's willing to kill her son, she slips Sarah a razor which allows Sarah and Chuck to escape. However, we still don't know what Mary is doing. Is she fully on Volkoff's side and allowed Chuck to escape because he is her son? Is she playing Volkoff? Only time will tell.

Score: 9.6/10
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