Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Review - Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 Episode 8 Mana'O

My biggest problem with Hawaii Five-0 has been the lack of emotional resonance. For the most parts, episodes thrive on pure adrenaline and action, and the slower scenes lack the bite of superior procedurals. "Mana'O," however, has loads of emotion and a great, twisty plot.

The draw is that Danny's former partner is killed while under IA investigation and the team must exonerate him. The problem is, evidence seems to indicate that his partner was guilty. Needless to say, Hawaii Five-0 is an upbeat show, so his partner is exonerated in the end.

Scott Caan delivers a stellar performance despite several iffy moments in the beginning, and pulls through in the end with a huge contribution to the strongest episode yet. The connection for Chin Ho also adds more depth to the episode

Score: 9.0/10
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