Thursday, November 19, 2009

Review - Modern Family Season 1 Episode 8 Great Expectations

Modern Family is really clicking, especially for a first year show. I have yet to see any serious weakness with the show. The writing and acting work very well together, and each episode continues to have plenty of laugh out loud moments along with decent drama.

Elizabeth Banks stole the show last night as Sal the excitable party girl. I absolutely loved her performance and how she interacted with Cameron and Mitchell. The story was surprisingly heartfelt as Cameron and Mitchell confronted her about her dislike of Lily. Apparently Lily has displaced Sal as their go to girl, but it all ended happily.

Edward Norton on the other hand didn't quite do it for me. He played Izzy LaFontaine, a musician way past his prime. It was funny that Claire hired him even though Phil hated the band, but the performance of the musician itself was weak. Maybe it was the writing, but I found it mildly amusing at most. I think Phil and Claire made the story better, but I was disappointed throughout the scenes with all three of them.

Jay's night was the best storyline. It had all the kids, Gloria, and Jay all working together to make us laugh. Manny was pining over Haley who was trying to escape the house to attend a party. Jay was there is step in, hilariously teleporting (?) outside to change the light bulb just as she was about to run off. Alex is continuing to trick her significantly stupider siblings which is a lot of fun.

My favorite running gag was Luke thinking that Jay would die. The writers didn't overplay their hand and have those situations too often which made Luke's hugs or cries of love so much better.

Score: 9.2/10


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