Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hits and Misses so far for 2009/2010 Television Season Part 1 (ABC)

We're over a month into the new season of television and there is a picture forming of how shows are doing, and I'm starting with ABC which has the most new shows this season.

Breakout hits:

Modern Family undoubtedly is the new comedy hit of the year. Getting rave reviews from critics and fans, Modern Family's ratings have stayed in the healthy 3s.

Cougar Town has had definite success though less than Modern Family. The ratings are dropping, but so far, Cougar Town looks like it will be staying.


FlashForward was touted as the next Lost by ABC, but clearly it hasn't lived up to the billing, and the ratings for the past few weeks have reflected that. While I expect a renewal, FlashForward needs something to jump start the ratings, lest it fall to the wayside like Heroes.

The Middle did well enough to be picked up for a full season by ABC, but the ratings are still poor. I am guessing it won't be renewed, but it may have a chance depending on how well Scrubs and Better Off Ted do.


The Forgotten failed from the beginning. Another cop drama, but the twist is that they're not actually cops, and no one cared.

Hank was terrible from the beginning and the viewers acknowledged that by not watching. Sorry Kelsey Grammer, better luck next time.

Eastwick is actually a decent show that I would watch if I had more time, or was more interested in girly shows, so I don't understand how Eastwick has had such low ratings. It will most likely be canceled.

Returning Shows:

Grey's Anatomy is facing stiff competition from all networks, but so far, it has dominated Thursdays, blowing out CSI which used to be its main competitor.

Castle may be considered a winner having received a full season pickup and increasing ratings per week. If it continues down the path, it could be renwed and be a solid show for ABC.

Ugly Betty was put on Friday and looks like it will die there.

I know there are more shows, but these are the more important points that I see.


Sam said...

I watch modern family, cougar town and flashforward and I think I won't be watching those last two for very long anymore.

Flashforward just isn't interesting enough and none of the characters are very likeable.

Cougar Town isn't very funny in my opinion and the characters are too unrealistic for me to like them.

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