Friday, November 13, 2009

Review - The Mentalist Season 2 Episode 7 Red Bulls

I loved this episode all the way through. After watching the dud of FlashForward, it was extremely refreshing to watch a show that has solid writing and great acting. Next week's episode looks to be filled with all sorts of craziness so if you're not watching The Mentalist, you really should be.

The Bosco Jane interaction was so fun to watch. Jane is trying to get on Bosco's good side, throwing in compliments and at the same time, pushing his luck. Bosco is clearly annoyed, but forced to put up with Jane because Minelli ordered him. The scene where they confronted the Mexican Mafia was probably my favorite of the episode. Seeing Jane interact with the gangster was priceless.

There were nice Bosco Lisbon moments as well. Lisbon didn't want Bosco bashing Jane all the time, so she said all this good stuff about Jane in front of Bosco. Then there was semi-flirting between them that was fun to watch. Seriously, I don't know any adjectives to describe the show other than fun.

Cho didn't do much, but had a funny line, telling Rigsby that Ernie is the "clever, handsome one," while Bert... There has to be a Cho centered episode some time. He's a great character that I feel is underused at times.

I was really surprised that Van Pelt got shot though I suppose all the talk about wearing bulletproof vests should have tipped me off. That led to a really great scene in the ambulance with her and Rigsby which in true Mentalist fashion didn't end entirely on a serious note.

"Red Bulls" was probably one of the most solid episodes of the season. Every aspect of the episode hit the right spot. I don't know if next week's episode will top this one, but I certainly hope so. I don't want to reveal any spoilers, so just watch the promo, there's a lot going on.

Score: 9.5/10


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