Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Review - The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 8 Unprepared

I'm sure I've said this before, but The Good Wife is the best new drama of the season. It may even be the best new show of the season, rivaling Modern Family. I'll be doing a separate ratings post, but it looks like The Good Wife won't be getting a second season. I know it's early, but don't get your hopes up.

The plots of each episode are simple. There are rarely any moments relating to the case that make you gasp or really hang on the edge of your seat. This week I saw the real villain the first time he showed up on screen. It was predictable, but fun to see Diane catch him.

Far more compelling is Alicia and her continuing problems with her husband. We see she is hurting and trying to deal with the situation as best she can. But with the hot “reputation manager" and testifying on the stand, she is really having a hard time.

And that's not even considering her son Zach. I am rarely a fan of teenagers on television for good reason, and Zach is proving not to be an exception. I thought he was fine the first few episodes, but as the season progressed, there were more and more moments that I groaned at the writing for him. There was a scene in the beginning where Alicia talked with her children about Peter  home. Grace asks where he's going to stay , and then Zach comes in and in the most condescending voice, says "In mom's room. Where do you think?" I literally said out loud "what a douche."

I'll acknowledge that the teenage years are usually turbulent, but this doesn't mean every teenager on TV has to be a loser. Last night after getting a double dose of teenage dreck from Tyler on V, and Zach on The Good Wife, I was wondering why writers have such a hard time writing for teenagers. They can write well for small children, old people, middle-aged people, but when it comes to teenagers, there's a good chance they are annoying and really unlikable.

I liked the mystery surrounding Peter and the politics behind everything. I wish the cases would get more interesting -- at least an occasional loss -- and I'm at a loss to why the writers can be so effective writing for Alicia and Peter while writing the same legal stuff every week.

Score: 9.0/10


deesoul said...

It has been renewed since Oct 8th!

TV Obsessed said...

I know, and the order was increased to 23, but as I said, "it looks like The Good Wife won't be getting a second season."

Anonymous said...

huh? why wouldn't it get a 2nd season?

TV Obsessed said...

Look at my ratings post for this Tuesday, and the previous Tuesdays.

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