Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Review - Sanctuary Season 3 Episode 17 Normandy

So there's where all the budget went... After several episodes with obviously low budgets, Sanctuary brought us "Normandy," which looks really expensive compared to normal episodes, featuring authentic-looking WWII sets and costumes. While I liked the episode, you have to wonder the mindset of the producers. They sap the funds from a couple episodes, essentially feeding us scraps of filler, in order to funnel money for one expensive episode. And this episode, while providing background on the Five, is by no means groundbreaking or crucial to the current-day plot. Is that a trade-off viewers will accept?

The Five is a subject that hasn't been explored on since the beginning of the second season, so it was cool to see the crew back together in a different setting. The plot isn't anything too special--Nazis trying to harness an elemental and Magnus stopping them--but the authenticity and cinematography was enough to carry the episode.

The episode seems to be concluded and the next episode's trailer   doesn't indicate any continuation, but the new episode in two weeks is titled "Carentan," so there will probably be a connection.

Score: 8.8/10
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