Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Review - NCIS Season 8 Episode 24 Pyramid

I like that NCIS can go for more complicated plots stretched out over a few episodes, and the writers know not to overindulge in pathos (I'm looking at you, Castle). But let's be honest--the plot made little sense. This was Cobb's plan: (1) Leave EJ alive in the trunk of a car and run off. (2) Kidnap Ziva. (3) Turn himself in and drop hints about Ziva's whereabout to lure Gibbs and the rest out. (4) Re-kidnap EJ to kill her.

It's complicated and all, fitting an hour of television and giving the actors something to do, but it's way too complicated. Why couldn't he have just taken EJ at the start instead of jumping through more hoops which ultimately got him caught? We expected something really big to come out of their, with the SecNav coming and the "Cone of Silence" activated, and instead it was only an angry guy whom the government turned into a killer.

Aside from the plot holes, the episode had some interesting things going on. For one, we learn why Gibbs was being so rude to EJ at the beginning--her uncle is the SecNav. This puts EJ in a new context where she bears extra responsibility, because she knows a cloud hangs over her head and it takes its toll on her. At the end of the episode, no one else dies and we don't know where everyone stands. Both Ray and EJ have a definite chance of showing up later with the way they left.

The final scene, of course, will be a major part of the next season. Tony is tasked to find a mole and he reacts to the name in a way that would indicate familiarity. Does this have anything to do with the thing EJ pulled out of Levin's arm? Will this be another Jeanne situation?

Score: 8.7/10
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