Monday, May 30, 2011

Review - Breakout Kings Season 1 Episode 13 Where in the World Is Carmen Vega

By its nature, Breakout Kings won't turn into a show where the cons run away and the Marshalls spend half a season chasing after them. It's a procedural, and as such, the status quo must be maintained. There has to be a case every week for the characters to tackle. That's just how things are.

In this sense, one could be annoyed by "Where in the World Is Carmen Vega." The writers put the stakes at the highest they've been--Shea's girlfriend kidnapped, a mole feeding information, Erica wanting to run--but it's all solved easily in the end. Want to find the mole? Oh, it's the Coburn guy who just showed up. Want to run? Promise Erica and Lloyd everything will be fine. And in end, even if there are still numerous questions out there, the team remains intact and is as strong as ever. Were we supposed to expect anything different?

But the episode did do its best to solidify the bonds between the Kings. We may never fully buy the situation, given how ridiculous the premise is, but we get the sense that these people care about each other beyond their own personal benefits.

As far as renewal goes, I have a feeling it won't be renewed. The ratings are far lower than The Glades, which set the standard for a successful A&E drama, and the show doesn't look cheap. We'll find out soon enough.

Score: 8.5/10
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