Monday, May 23, 2011

Review - House Season 7 Episode 22 Moving On

On the heels of news that Lisa Edelstein will not return to House next season, "Moving On" feels right. It begins with an ominous set of circumstances--terse, dark, suggesting that House will do something really bad. The end, in truth, is utterly hilarious and silly beyond reason. House drives his car into her house! With this amount of absurdity, it's no wonder why Lisa Edelstein would want to leave a show which offers her lower pay and stupid plots.

Falling in line with the general theme of the episode, Rachel is also pregnant and Taub is still a loser. 13 blabbers on about art and New Yorker magazine while the patient's "art" was dumb in a funny way as well. It's possible that the episode was supposed to be a big joke like a parody of a House episode, but there were no other clues besides the plots. I guess the writers were trying to be serious and that's a scary thought.

Score: 7.2/10
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