Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Review - Modern Family Season 2 Episode 23 See You Next Fall

I think "See You Next Fall" was originally intended to be the season finale. Its name has lots of meaning behind it since the characters fall down a lot and  the show is returning during the fall. There is also a sense of completion, Alex graduating from middle school. It's probably inconsequential in the long run, but it's a big milestone for Alex in her short lifespan.

Instead of the three-plot system which made up a majority of the worse episodes this season, it brings all the characters together for a funny time. At the heart of the episode is Claire and Phil, who realize that their younger daughter is entering high school and may forever be changed. Despite Phil's initial goal of inducing her freak-out, his maturity comes on as he realizes the implication alongside Claire.

For the laughs, there are a couple gags going on. Jay gets Botox and half of his face is left stiff and Cam keeps getting into minor accidents while the Pritchetts laugh at him to his dismay. But that was the least of it, because Phil and Claire rolling down the hill to get to the graduation had to be the funniest part of the episode, and Cam agreed.

What disappointed me was that Alex falls in line and delivers the speech everyone wanted to hear instead of what she really thought. I mean, those same people who disliked her will still talk about her behind her back and see her as the nerd. In the end, it's not like anything changes, despite what those cheers might indicate. In a more subjective complaint, I didn't like the content of her speech either. Yes, everyone has their problems, but the degree of culpability in their problems is also something to consider. If Haley might not go college because she doesn't study enough (which we frequently see), then that's her problem. Haley has far more opportunity than most people--money, a good school, good family life--and yet she's complaining about college when she clearly does not put any effort in it. She'd probably argue that she less intelligent than her peers, which is probably true, but guess what? No one cares--study twice as much.

Score: 9.0/10
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